GitLab Backup to CephFS

This is a quick braindump of setting up our home GitLab instance (on CentOS 8) to backup to an existing CephFS but with access limited to the directory /GitLab_backup.

[root@gitlab ~]# df -h /mnt/cephfs-GitLab_backup/
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
ceph-fuse       5.3T  175G  5.1T   4% /mnt/cephfs-GitLab_backup

WIP: Hardware changes to my Ceph Nautilus Cluster

This week-end, I made some hardware changes to my Ceph Nautilus cluster.

picture of my 4 F5-422 nodes all drive bays filled

While previously I used one SSD shared between the operating system and Ceph, I did want a clean setup where the OS and Ceph are on separate devices.

Blog post still likely to be amended, WIP: will be removed from the title when that is no longer the case.